Welcome to my website – my name is Anne Laidler.  I am a watercolourist who dabbles in acrylic, pastels and oils.  I teach art to adults at fortnightly classes at two venues in Hertfordshire.

My pupils often say to me that they look at life in a different way since coming to my classes – the sky is much more interesting, trees are not just brown trunks, flowers are incredible in the way they grow – you know what I mean!!

If you would like to look at the world differently and join in the fun, check out my classes website at The Art Box, sign up and find out what everyone is going on about.

The blog posts on this site are my space to talk about the what and why of my own painting. From time to time I’ll also be including the odd example of my work so that you can see what I’m working on and even the occasional video so I can show you how I got my results.