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Into the Depths

I don’t usually paint abstract pictures as quite frankly I don’t “get” them. However, I was sent a copy of a photograph of the Trummelbach in Switzerland which is basically a corkscrew run off for the melt water (I think!). With a small section of the photograph in front of me this is what I …

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It’s in the eyes!

Bit of a splashy loose painting. The best bit of it I think is the eyes. Anyone have any comments?

Spring Blossom

It’s the time of year when the trees are bursting with blossoms varying from white through to bright pink. Thought I would paint a small picture of white blossom based on some I saw the other day. What do you think?

A Host of Daffodils

I just can’t help myself whenever I see daffodils I want to paint them. Last week someone left a vase with a few daffodils in the workshop at our Art Society – I just had to paint them!  No pre drawing just straight in with the brush. What do you think?

Using Phthalo Blue for my background

This weeks subject for my classes is Snowdrops and over the past few weeks ideas about how to paint them have been going through my mind. At Art Club I had finished the piece I was working on and wanted something to do for a few minutes. Using a scrap piece of paper I quickly …

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January Sunrise

Whilst driving to my Ware class yesterday morning (9 January) I saw a spectacular sunrise. The sun was behind a line of leafless trees which were in silhouette. During the lunch break between classes I quickly painted a 4 x 6 inch watercolour sketch of the sunrise and used a black pen to show where …

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Crab Apples in Watercolour

When I recently ran an acrylic all-day class on autumn colours at Ware I was left with quite a few bits and pieces of foliage that had been brought in by everyone. One of the things was a pair of crab apples with a few withering leaves. After spotting it I immediately thought I have …

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Crab Apple Blossom

As a beginner most of us want to draw out the subject before we go anywhere near the paper with paint as we are not confident enough. I now tend to draw as little as I can get away with unless the subject is particularly difficult as I think that you get a freer painting …

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I’m often asked where I get my inspiration from for my paintings. To give you an idea, here is a photograph that I took a couple of weeks ago when thinking about subjects for my classes. It shows a hedgerow on the side of a small road between two villages near to where I live. …

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